Realli shaking up the house market

As any home seeker knows to their cost, online property selling platforms and can be seriously clunky to use. So the prospect of - to use that ubiquitous start-up monicker - a ‘disrupter’ to those two main players in this area is welcome.

Enter Realli, set up by twenty somethings Hugo Mahony and his brother Conor, and backed by WK Nowlan chief executive Killian O’Higgins, developer Richard Barrett and some other, as yet unnamed, property figures.

“We see ourselves as a new thing and we’re focused on our customers, not our competitors, but we have big dreams about what’s possible in this space,” Hugo tells me.

They’re based in Dogpatch’s start-up hub in Dublin’s docklands, and are in the process of raising an additional investment round to put into product development and further expansion, to add to original seed money of €350,000.

At the moment, their focus is on the new homes market, but they want to branch out from there.

Their edge, they believe, is richer original content, much of it video-based and done by themselves, nifty things like virtual tours of the properties and strong Instagram and other social presence.

The company has an office in Ukraine, where software developers are easier to come by than in Dublin, where there’s a clamouring demand.

They went live in May and are happy with their first house-selling season performance.

Clients include listed home builder Cairn Homes and north Dublin developer Gerry Gannon. “They have been great advisers as well as customers,” says Mahony.

Further down the line, moving beyond Ireland is an ambition. “We’d look to Britain as a very viable expansion market and then further afield at other European markets.”

This article originally appeared in the Sunday Business Post on August 5th